How we helped other ideas take flight

The final proof of our designs' viability lies in how they function under real-world conditions. We are committed to your ultimate success, and our designs mirror this commitment. The following are three from a list of numerous case studies that both validate our process and prove our claims. In each instance, we accepted a design challenge and produced a pragmatic, low-cost product solution that not only met but exceeded our clients' needs.

TheLifeGuard™ Challenge:

Disposable enteral feeding sets require an anti-free-flow device to protect the patient from over-delivery should the set be removed from the pump. The challenge was to design a low-cost, passive alternative to existing roller or pinch clamps. Solution: The LifeGuard is a closed valve that opens only when a feeding pump is active and able to overcome the valve's cracking pressure. A single, injection-molded plastic part replaced our client's three-piece, pinch-clip design. Result: Eclipse created a simple, single-part device that is both portable and cost effective, resulting in substantial cost savings in materials and assembly labor. Our client was impressed enough to nominate the design for the 2004 Medical Design Excellence Award.