How we helped other ideas take flight

The final proof of our designs' viability lies in how they function under real-world conditions. We are committed to your ultimate success, and our designs mirror this commitment. The following are three from a list of numerous case studies that both validate our process and prove our claims. In each instance, we accepted a design challenge and produced a pragmatic, low-cost product solution that not only met but exceeded our clients' needs.

MicroJect™ Challenge:

Outpatient ambulatory infusion pumps require a significant capital investment for a home healthcare provider, who must pass on additional expenses to the patient to cover the costs associated with tracking, retrieving, cleaning, and servicing the pumps. The challenge was to design a disposable infusion pump that is simple to set up, safe to use, and inexpensive enough to be disposed of after a single-treatment use. Solution: The MicroJect is the first ever low-cost, disposable, programmable infusion pump. Materials and manufacturing techniques were targeted for high-volume, low-cost production. Result: Home healthcare providers are no longer burdened by a capital investment that must be recuperated over time. For the cost of a service call, a disposable infusion pump can be sent home with the patient. When the treatment is completed, there are no costs for retrieving, cleaning, and preparing the pump for the next patient's use. The timely completion of the project and innovative design resulted in an acquisition that provided initial investors with a lucrative return.