With the necessary preparations, your idea will take off.

At Eclipse Product Development, our goal is to provide you with a sustainable competitive advantage through creative, ground-breaking, and efficient product designs. Whether that advantage stems from design excellence, lower costs, or additional intellectual property, we work with your long-term success in mind.

Destination Identified: As with a successful balloon launch, much of the product development work lies in preparation. Establishing well-defined customer requirements upfront is critical to the timely completion of successful product development. We work with you to understand and specify the entire range of requirements that can ensure your commercial success. Beginning with the end in mind builds in the necessary steps to help comply with all regulatory requirements.

Flight Plan: We work with you hand-in-hand to determine detailed budgets and schedules for all aspects of the project, including concept, prototyping, design for manufacturability, tooling, testing, and documentation. To save time and prevent false starts, we use advanced computer modeling and prototyping techniques.

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