How we helped other ideas take flight

The final proof of our designs' viability lies in how they function under real-world conditions. We are committed to your ultimate success, and our designs mirror this commitment. The following are three from a list of numerous case studies that both validate our process and prove our claims. In each instance, we accepted a design challenge and produced a pragmatic, low-cost product solution that not only met but exceeded our clients' needs.

Rascal® Challenge:

Anesthesiologists rely on multiple devices to maintain optimum levels of anesthetic gases during surgery. The challenge was to design a device to monitor up to eight different gases and reduce the complexity in a potentially high-stress environment. Solution: The Rascal is a Raman-based spectroscopic gas analyzer that enables the anesthesiologist to monitor physiologic and anesthetic gases in real time. It offers instant readings of a patient's critical inspired and expired gases and works with existing ventilators. Result: Rascal is a valuable tool for anesthesiologists, who can make important observations about a patient's reaction to anesthesia and respond accordingly. The Rascal was awarded the R&D 100 Innovators Award in 1993 and resulted in an acquisition that provided investors with a significant return on investment.